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Advanced cutting edge tech for ventilation
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Activated Carbon Face Masks Filter Insert | 5 Layer of Protection with Meltblown Non-Woven Cloth & Carbon | Replaceable Anti-Haze (20 pcs)

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These carbon filter for face masks are made of quality carbon activated filters, non-woven and melt-blown polypropylene filter that can effectively filter out 99% of exhaust, pollen, smoke and dust. The filter is disposable. It is recommended to replace it and the recommended use time is 3-4 days. The 5-Layer Protection contains:

  1. Non-woven polypropylene filter to protect against micron-level dust
  2. Meltblown polypropylene filter layer
  3. Activated Carbon filter layer to prevent haze, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, etc.
  4. Non-woven cloth filter to protect against the density for smaller material
  5. A layer of soft cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Affordable filters

These filters work very well with the cloth masks that I purchased from other providers. And they're more affordable compared to your competitors prices.

Eric Coleman
Best customer service

After i sent a message complaining that i didn't receive my package, Mr Carroll stepped in and was so understanding and sympathetic to my needs. After 3 days my replacement order was made. It feels good to see a company still care about their customers.

david johnson
Same Quality Better Price

I bought my mask and it came with a set of filters and when they ran out I used their company to get more. This time I had trouble finding them and these were the same filters for a better price.

Jacqueline Jacobson

They're fine, I'm glad to have had a chance to purchase them. If you plan to discontinue them, please make it known far and wide.

David Flanders

All is well. Good product, good service. Thank you,
David Flanders