Vaccinated? Don’t ditch your mask

Keep your masks on even after getting vaccinated

Women wearing blue lutema M95i mask wearing grey workout clothing


More and more people are getting vaccinated and that’s a good thing. But we still not a the point where we can go mask-free.

The CDC is warning people to keep their masks on a bit longer. Immunity takes about two weeks to develop so you could still catch COVID-19 even after receiving your vaccination. You’re also not considered fully vaccinated until you have had your second booster shot 4-12 weeks later of either the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccine. The Johnson & Johnson is the only vaccine requiring only one shot.

More research needed

Like the virus itself, Covid vaccines are new and more research is needed to fully understand their efficacy.

Scientists are still looking for answers as to how well the vaccines work at spreading the virus:.

  • Why do some people remain asymptomatic but still pass the virus to others? The numbers are not in yet as to how many people need to be vaccinated before there is population immunity.
  • How effective are the vaccines against the new variants of the COVID-19 virus.

Until all these questions are answered the CDC advises people to keep wearing their masks a bit longer and maintain that 6-feet social distance.

When FULLY vaccinated you can

 Once you are fully vaccinated with both doses the CBC advises you can

  • Take off your mask with other fully vaccinate people
  • Travel domestically without a pre- or post-travel test and without quarantining
  • Travel internationally without a pre-travel test depending on destination
  • Return home from international travel without quarantining, depending on the destination.

Get the best protection

Lutema M95i faive layer mask

Until then keep wearing your mask. Lutema now offers the M95i  that is a sealed mask with five layers that include two layers of breathable non-woven polypropylene fabric. In between these two layers are  is another Polyethylene separating fabric with a filtering sponge to allow air to flow between the two denser meltblown layers. The two outer layer are also a non-woven polypropylene material that is water repellent. Our M95i is designed to be worn for 8-hours with blocks up to block 99%+ of all dust & air pollution.

Stay safe out there.