Lutema Featured Customer: Lucky Harmon

Lucky Harmon Lucky in mask

The pandemic has not been fun for anyone in the US—we’ve lost loved ones, we’ve lost jobs, we’ve even lost a sense of ourselves, but with the support from our customers, we’ve made living with COVID possible.

We wanted to spotlight one of our customers, Lucky Harmon. He’s an SAG-AFTRA actor and musician who had a recent hit single called Wild Card featuring Lil’ Wayne. What’s more, Lucky is a single dad to two kids making his way in Hollywood.

Before the pandemic, Lucky was on top of the world, but as the realities of the pandemic set in, Lucky and thousands of industry actors and musicians, not to mention millions of other Americans, had to sit and wait to see how the television and film industry would react and ultimately deal with COVID. 

Slowly, Lucky started working again. He discovered Lutema’s M95i high filtration respirators early in the pandemic and he became a very critical and vocal proponent of masking and staying safe during the pandemic. He took COVID Safety courses and tested often per the recommendations of the CDC and the TV & film industry. Lucky has even been certified A&B for COVID compliance and doesn’t take any chances as he’s been infected twice now—once very early on in the pandemic (not on set), and again during the Omicron surge that reinfected millions of Americans vaccinated or not. He routinely wears masks and social distances on the set, tests often, and he even gives high filtration masks out to those who need them. 

“Staying safe and keeping others safe is my number one priority,” Lucky says. He provides masks for his children and encourages others to stay masked indoors because the pandemic is far from over. 

Lucky can be found on Instagram @therealluckyharmon.