The US Face Mask Manufacturers Unite to Increase Capacity

Last week, the American Mask Manufactures Association launched a campaign to let the Biden Administration know that we're ready and up to the task of supplying high quality PPE to every American in the country. The letter states that we have the capacity for manufacturing, we're willing, and we're able.

I wanted to add on and elaborate on why we decided to help found this organization—it's not just about about American manufacturing, it's also about quality and consistency in a time of crisis.

One of the reasons we started this venture was because of the inconsistencies we saw coming from overseas in not only the manufactured quality of finished product, but also the efficacy. We learned that they might all look the same, but not all masks are made the same!

Please see Aaron Collins' YouTube videos about testing the efficacy of masks (he reviews Lutema masks, especially the best selling M95i Version 1 Mask).

We sought higher quality materials, and better technology we could adapt here in the US, and we developed face masks that are 99%+ effective in lab tests conducted by Nelson Labs and Eurofins Labs, and we've further expanded our mask lines and capabilities since those early days during the start of the pandemic. 

Now we need your help to persuade the government to help American manufacturers by insisting the government increase mask standards as well as urging them to buy from US manufacturers, like so many other industries already mandated to purchase Made in the USA. 

We feel the CDC and OSHA have not previously issued guidance requiring high filtration masks due to a lack of confidence that U.S. manufacturers can provide sufficient capacity, which is not true.

We are united as American Mask Manufacturers to help put an end to this pandemic—and purchasing high quality products like ours, we can end this pandemic sooner rather than later.

Thank you for continuing to support Made in the USA products like ours.

Stay safe!

Eddie Phanichkul
Lutema USA