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  • Lutema Featured Customer: Two Bit da Vinci

    This week, we're featuring fellow San Diegan Ricky from the YouTube Channel Two Bit da Vinci. His recent video which features our sponsored ad can ...
  • Lutema Featured Customer: Aimee La Joie

    Actress and social media personality Aimee La Joie caught fire during 2020 with her parody depictions of members of a film crew.    Aimee has also...
  • Lutema Featured Customer: Lucky Harmon

    The pandemic has not been fun for anyone in the US—we’ve lost loved ones, we’ve lost jobs, we’ve even lost a sense of ourselves, but with t...
  • What is an M95 and how does it compare to N95 or KN95?

    What is an M95i or M95c mask? How does they compare to a NIOSH Certified N95 or even the Chinese Standard KN95 GB2626-2006 or GB2626-2019?
  • Letter from Lutema CEO: The Delta Surge, Back to School, our Shortcomings, and more! Save 40%!

    Dear Valued Lutema Customers,I wanted to take a few minutes to truly thank you for your business and for choosing Lutema masks.  We thank you for o...
  • 📦 How the COVID surge has affected your Lutema USA order!

    We understand that some orders may be delayed because of this unprecedented demand, so we ask that you please remain patient while we ramp up. 
  • Vaccinated? Don’t ditch your mask

    More people are getting vaccinated with Pzifer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca. We need to keep wearing our masks though until everyone is vaccinated and scientists have more data on how long these vaccines work.
  • Buying a safe mask

    A recent recall of imported mask coated with a possible toxic material shows the importance of knowing who is manufacturing your mask. You need to be able to trust the source and the material used.
  • How Lutema Helps Stop the Spread

    The past year has taught us all to be a little more flexible and innovative in the way we work. San Diego small business Lutema manufactured parts for projectors in the before times. But when schools closed and the country was short on masks, these childhood friends and founders stepped in to help. 

  • Treating maskne

    There's some scary stuff happening underneath our masks. Here are some remedies for maskne.

  • Dr. Dan Brennan's Prescription for a Healthy Classroom

    Recently, Dr. Daniel Brennan, a pediatrician from Santa Barbara, California (we like to call him "Dr. Dan") wrote about kids returning to classrooms in the COVID-19 era. As students return to schools across America, an interconnected network of people resume to not only exchange information, but potentially COVID-19 pathogens, and bring them home to social circles that were previously social distant from other circles. 

  • Proper mask disposal is important

    Do your part to keep masks out of our oceans Millions of masks are being thrown away and environmentalists are sounding the alarm about where they ...