Frequently Asked Questions

Due to unprecedented demand, your order may be impacted. We are working to ramp up production. Thank you for purchasing our product manufactured in the USA!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Where is my order? When will my order ship?

A. We have experienced unprecedented demand for masks this school season. We are one of a handful of US manufacturers of kids masks and with most kids going back to school, demand has spiked. To remedy this, we are opening up new manufacturing lines to increase manufacturing capacity. Your order will be shipped as soon as we produce new masks—they'll literally be hot off the press!


Q. Why does my order shows a tracking number that's already been delivered?

A. If your package shows as "Delivered" to the wrong destination, as well as "Archived", odds are that your package received a recycled tracking number.

USPS recycles tracking numbers. During holidays and increased demand in shipping, those numbers recycle a lot sooner before the system clears them or resets them with new shipping information. We do not have any control over tracking numbers given to us by USPS, so we ask that you are patient and wait for shipping information to reset in their system. If you still don't receive your order, or the tracking number doesn't reset within 7 days, please let us know. 

Google "recycled USPS tracking number" —this is very common.

Q. Why did my order arrived in clear packaging?

A. We have streamlined our shipping process to package masks faster. You may receive clear "bulk" packaging. In times of high demand, we may also run out of retail packaging and will use clear packaging instead.


Q. Is my order counterfeit?

A. If you've ordered directly from Lutema's website or from one of our affiliates on Amazon, then chances are it's a legitimate product. You can look for our M95 logo, Lutema logo, or Made in the USA logo—and some of our masks may not have M95 or Lutema logos. Due to the recently COVID19 surge, we have recently had to increase capacity which caused technical, but temporary, difficulties in our manufacturing process. As a result, some masks may be missing branding. We are working to fix these issues!

Email us at with the subject "Possible Counterfeit" if you have questions on this. Be sure to include your receipt and store you purchased from and take pictures of the product packaging, shipping box and label, and product itself.


Q. Where are the masks made?

A. Lutema USA masks are made in San Diego, CA, USA!


FDA website


Q. Are these masks FDA approved?

No.  There is no such thing as FDA Approved masks.  Our masks are  manufactured in an FDA registered facility that meets ISO 9001:2015 standards.  Our masks are listed with the FDA under classification code QKR.


Q. What materials are used?

A. Our masks are made with non-woven and spunbond polypropylene and contain no latex. Our filter media is electrostatically charged. You can find information on our website regarding accredited testing on mask product pages, and even more information can be found on popular YouTube channels that have tested our masks!


Q. Are masks reusable?

A. As with any filtration device, masks may lose efficacy as filters get saturated, therefore we don't recommend long-term use of any disposable mask products. 

 BFE testing image

Q. Are masks certified ASTM Level 3?

A. Our surgical, flat style masks and materials all meet ASTM Level 3 as tested at accredited labs like Nelson Laboratories and Eurofins. 


 Q. What is the difference between M95i and M96i?

A. Our M-series masks offer high levels of protection in different form factors. 

Model No. Layers Size Breathing Valve
M93i 3 Layers Intermediate No
M95k 5 Layers Small No
M95c 5 Layers Compact/Young Adults No
M95i 5 Layers Intermediate No
M95x 5 Layers Large No
M96i 6 Layers Intermediate Yes

Q. What is the difference between M95 and N95?

A. N95 is a standard set fourth by CDC/NIOSH which says (among other things) an N95 mask must:

  • Meet high filtration standard of +95%
  • Have head straps (not ear loops)
  • Must be fit-tested for OSHA compliance

M95 series masks are the brand and model of Lutema masks. Our masks filter over 99% and use ear loops, so our entire M-series of masks M93i, M95i, M95c, M96i are not N95/NIOSH compliant. 


Q. Are Lutema 5-Layer Masks KN95?

A. KN95 is a Chinese standard and a popular form factor from Asia that's become popular in the United States. This standard includes:

  • Meet high filtration standard of +95%
  • Have ear loops
  • Must pass airflow fit-test.

M95 series masks are the brand and model of Lutema masks. Our masks filter over 99% and use ear loops, so our entire M-series of masks M93i, M95i, M95c, M96i. KN95 certification only applies to masks made in China, and M-series masks are made in the USA. It's common practice that US manufacturers advertise masks in the same style as KN95, and we have always consider our masks to be a KN95 Hybrid that's manufactured in the United States. Going further, we've also fit-tested our masks with employees to ensure breathability and proper airflow resistance is met. 


Q. Why are your masks listed as counterfeit N95 on the CDC website? 

A. This was done in error by the CDC. We have asked them to remove this from their website, but they have not.

It bears repeating that Lutema masks ARE NOT N95/NIOSH compliant and we have never claimed to be. 

More Frequently Asked Questions will be updated soon!