Collection: Bulk Buys for Business, Government, Education, and Medical Sectors

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  • Masque facial jetable à 5 couches pour adultes avec une protection contre les particules de 98 % et plus - Fabriqué aux États-Unis (5 paquets)
  • Masque facial jetable à 5 couches pour enfants avec protection à 95% contre les particules - Fabriqué aux États-Unis (5 paquets)
  • Gift Box Set of Assorted Color Face Masks for Kids and Adults - Made in USA
  • Made in USA, masque respiratoire 3 couches (paquet de 50) pour adultes
  • Made in USA, 3 couches de masque respiratoire pour enfants (5,5") (paquet de 50)
We offer Bulk Packs of USA Made Face Masks at amazing discounted prices to help support businesses, government entities, medical sector, and our education sectors.  Our products are manufactured of the highest quality raw materials using fully automated machinery developed by our parent company MI Technologies, Inc. in San Diego, California under ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems in an FDA Listed clean room environment.